Laser and sheet
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Prima Power at Euroblech 2022

Euroblech 2022
25-28 October
Hanover, Germany

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Here's what you can see at our booth in Hanover:

Laser Genius+
with Combo Tower Laser
+ Picking and Stacking Robot

Proprietary hi-tech solutions, the very best components available and solid architecture characterize Laser Genius+, developed with an all-round pragmatic approach. Every detail is optimized: to facilitate and to speed up commissioning, to reduce and simplify maintenance and above all to increase performance.

Cut larger and heavier pieces more precisely and at higher speed, saving space and man-hours. All of this is now possible through an immediately more sustainable investment with much faster cost recovery.

This is a new era, one where you can expect the best. And get more.

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Laser Genius Plus

eP Genius 1030
Servo-Electric Press Brake
with automatic tool storage

This concept offers a more versatile, faster, and reliable bending solution, which eliminates the manual set-up of the machine. eP Genius is the ideal solution for minimum batches where it is possible to estimate the machine set-up, and short cycle times help you gaining higher market competitiveness.

A perfect combination of tonnage (105 tons) and work capacity (3,060 mm of bending length), automatic CNC crowning, 5-axis back gauge and IRIS Plus angle control system on CNC-controlled motorized arms. The tools storage can accommodate a total of 32 meters of tools to be placed on 8 tool-holder supports that move on 3 axes.

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Prima Power eP Genius

Flexible manufacturing system

Prima Power PSBB line processes blank sheets into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically. PSBB stands for Punching + Shearing + Buffering + Bending. The model on display at our booth will also feature the brand new Shear Brilliance.

Material flow can be arranged in flexible ways: to transfer parts directly to automatic bending, to balance the different time requirements of bending and punching/shearing, to exit material from the system and to bring new material into it. The flexible and versatile buffering function ensures that optimum operation of integrated machines in terms of manufacturing cost and time.

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Prima Power PSBB Line

for smart manufacturing

At Euroblech Prima Power is showing all its software packages to support different levels of production automation. From the single automation of information flow to the fully automated lights out operation, from the static nest-driven production to the constantly varying mass production – all possible manufacturing requirements are efficiently covered with Prima Power software.

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Prima Power Smart software solutions

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